Turning a Lazy Movie Night into a romantic date night


As the weather gets cooler the idea of dressing up and leaving the house to go on a proper date can seem like drag. However in order to keep the magic alive you might want to see what you can do to turn a night on the couch stream TV shows into a romantic date. Here are some ideas to take it up a notch. 

Order some Chinese takeaway 

Rather than just ordering a pizza and laying back on the couch, it can be cool to hit up the local Chinese restaurant (like Express Dragon) for takeaway and try some dishes that you don't usually try. You can get out some paper plates and eat your meal on the floor, to make it feel like a real date. Sharing your dishes as you watch your favourite shows is a fun way to connect and get talking again. This is a fun way to bring to mind many scenes from romantic comedies and turn time at home into a real date.  

Turn off your other devices

While you might often watch your favourite shows while cruising the internet and live tweeting your favourite quotes, to make the night romantic leave all your devices alone and concentrate on spending time together watching the same screen. A shared experience tends to be much more romantic and helps you feel connected to each other rather than constantly staying connected to your acquaintances on social media.

Take turns choosing the shows

If you don't have the exact same taste in movies and TV shows its' a good idea to take turns watching each others favourite shows. If you take some time to watch a whole martial arts movie, or romantic comedy, that your partner enjoys you might suddenly see what they enjoy in the movie and it may help you to appreciate them a little more. At a minimum you'll have something new to talk about and it can always be good to learn more about what draws them to certain stories.

Once you've found a movie that you both like, you might even get some inspiration for more dates—from heading out to dim sum, through to going on a fast boat ride or taking a driving lesson.  Now you've got some ideas for your next at home date night why not block off a night in the calendar, and dig out the menu for the Chinese restaurant. It's always time to be romantic. 



18 May 2016

Choosing a fine dining restaurant

When I decided to ask my girlfriend to marry me, I of course wanted the night to be really special. I knew she wanted to have a full movie proposal where we go to a fine dining restaurant, eat great meals and then have me get down on one knee and ask her to marry me. I checked which restaurants offered that kind of service and I even gathered some pictures from her favourite movie so I can get a place that perfectly matches what she was after. I ended up making this the perfect night. This blog is all about finding fine dining restaurants for the special dinners in your life.