Is Your Indian Restaurant Serving an Authentic Rogan Josh?


One of the favourite dishes that is served in typical Indian restaurants in Australia is Rogan Josh. This particular curry has been served for decades all over the western world as well as in restaurants throughout the sub-continent. Although there are plenty of restaurants in the country which make an authentic version of this fine dish, not every Indian restaurant around is quite so traditional, perhaps altering cooking methods or ingredients.

28 April 2019

How to Enjoy an Authentic Meal at a Chinese Restaurant


If you want to enjoy an evening out at a Chinese restaurant then you will want the best Chinese restaurant you can find. Your expectations should go far beyond general cleanliness and good service for the evening. You will want to find a Chinese restaurant that serves authentic food that you would actually find in China. Here are four things to consider before making your restaurant choice. Where is the restaurant located?

8 January 2019

Why Should You Choose a Cafe Over a Bar for a First Date?


Got a date lined up, have we? Sounds exciting, but first dates are tricky things that need to be put together right. The most important decision is where you'll go, and most people come down to either a bar or a café. Here are just a few reasons why cafes are a better option.  You Can Hear Each Other Sure, bars are a bit cooler and edgier than cafes. Problem is, the music is usually up so loud you can barely hear yourself, let alone your date.

8 September 2018

Stress-Busting Tips for Taking the Kids to a Restaurant


If you're used to eating out at restaurants regularly, having children can often put a stop to it. It doesn't need to, however, and there's no good reason why you can't still enjoy meals out as a family even if your children are very young. In fact, taking small children to restaurants can really help their development, teaching them good manners, social skills and how to behave in public. The challenge for many parents is making sure everyone has a pleasant evening, including other diners in your restaurant of choice.

21 March 2018

Should Your Wedding Guests Be Served Home Style?


It may be hard for you to choose a food service style for your wedding guests if you don't have full information about each option available. This article discusses the pros and cons of the home food service style. Use this information to decide if this is the right food service style for your wedding reception. What It Is The home food service style involves availing a variety of dish options to guests who are seated at a table.

6 September 2016

How to Make Your Restaurant the Best Corporate Functions Restaurant in Your Area


Corporate functions make for great business for your restaurant. These functions bring in people into your restaurant who may have otherwise never come, presenting an excellent marketing opportunity for you. Should these people be satisfied with your service, you could be adding to your list of regular clientele. So how can you attract these corporate functions to your restaurant? Well, here are a few ideas that could be of help:

29 August 2016

3 Zesty Tips To Master An Indian Restaurant Buffet


Indian food is full of unique flavours and spices—promising an unforgettable eating experience when you choose the best Indian restaurant in your area.  If you've decided to try Indian food at a buffet, then you must know a few things to master the concepts of eating this exotic cuisine. This guide equips you with zesty tips to master an Indian restaurant buffet. Familiarise Yourself With A Typical Indian Buffet

24 May 2016

Having a casual lunch time date


If you are looking to take your relationship with a friend or acquaintance to the next level, it can be a good idea to ask them out on a proper date. Here are some ideas to make your date go smoothly and help them to see you in a new light.  Choose the right venue If you are squishing in a date in the middle of a busy work day, it can be good to choose somewhere with rapid service.

23 May 2016

Should You Order À La Carte or Go for the Set Menu?


If you're going to a fine dining venue, you'll likely have to decide between opting for the set menu or ordering à la carte. It's best to know what you want before you arrive, so here's a quick overview of the benefits of each option. The Benefits of Ordering the Set Menu  The set menu is sometimes referred to as either the table d'hôte or the prix fixe; no matter the terminology, it means that you will be provided with a multi-course meal in which nearly all of the options are chosen for you.

19 May 2016

Love Authentic Chinese Cuisine? Don't Miss These Traditional Cantonese Dishes


If you enjoy Chinese food and want something a little more authentic than a chicken curry when you visit a Chinese restaurant, you should explore traditional Cantonese dishes. Cantonese cuisine originates from the Guangdong province and dishes are made with lots of fresh ingredients. The cooking style usually involves steaming or quickly stir-frying, and the flavours of the main ingredients in each dish take centre stage, as Cantonese dishes don't include lots of herbs or spices.

19 May 2016