Having a casual lunch time date


If you are looking to take your relationship with a friend or acquaintance to the next level, it can be a good idea to ask them out on a proper date. Here are some ideas to make your date go smoothly and help them to see you in a new light. 

Choose the right venue

If you are squishing in a date in the middle of a busy work day, it can be good to choose somewhere with rapid service. A sushi train can be a great idea for example as it has pre-prepared dishes that you can choose as they pass and get straight to eating and chatting. It's a good idea to keep the focus light and less formal in case the date does not go entirely to plan, as choosing a restaurant with yummy food means you can still have a nice lunch together even if the romantic sparks don't start flying straight away. 

It's also a good idea to try somewhere that isn't frequented by either of your workmates so that you don't get regularly interrupted by people you know as you spend some time together. 

Prepare some topics of conversation

You both might be nervous if you haven't been on a proper date before, and it's easy to find yourself at a loss for conversation if you get nervous. Make a point of flicking through the newspaper or the trending topics on social media so that you have some options to try and start a conversation. Think about some of the times that you've spent together as well, and try to ask your date about things that they have mentioned before such as holidays that they've taken so that you can show some interest in them. 

Keep it affordable

While you might be out to impress, keeping the meal affordable is a great idea in case your date insists on 'going Dutch' and paying half. That way no one gets embarrassed by the bill and there is no reason to stop you going out for a date again soon. Affordable lunch options like sushi or a burger are a great option for a casual lunchtime date. 

If you are looking to take one of your colleagues or acquaintances out for a date it's a good idea to have some ideas of where to take them and what to chat. Why not head online and find a cool local sushi restaurant to try for your date?


23 May 2016

Choosing a fine dining restaurant

When I decided to ask my girlfriend to marry me, I of course wanted the night to be really special. I knew she wanted to have a full movie proposal where we go to a fine dining restaurant, eat great meals and then have me get down on one knee and ask her to marry me. I checked which restaurants offered that kind of service and I even gathered some pictures from her favourite movie so I can get a place that perfectly matches what she was after. I ended up making this the perfect night. This blog is all about finding fine dining restaurants for the special dinners in your life.