3 Zesty Tips To Master An Indian Restaurant Buffet


Indian food is full of unique flavours and spices—promising an unforgettable eating experience when you choose the best Indian restaurant in your area.  If you've decided to try Indian food at a buffet, then you must know a few things to master the concepts of eating this exotic cuisine. This guide equips you with zesty tips to master an Indian restaurant buffet.

Familiarise Yourself With A Typical Indian Buffet

Before starting your meal, it's ideal to familiarise yourself with a typical Indian buffet for the best eating experience. An Indian buffet usually starts with items like samosas (fried triangular snacks with fillings), pakoras (fried vegetable fritters) and other similar items. The main course consists of dry and gravy-based veg and non-veg curries like chicken tikka masala, lamb ghosht, chana (grams) masala, dals (lentils) and paneer (cottage cheese) curries. The buffet will contain condiments like chutneys, papads (crunchy flat circles), pickles, raita (mixed yoghurt) and salads to accompany your meal. You can choose between different types of rice and Indian breads like naan and roti to complete your Indian food buffet selection. Finish off your meal with traditional Indian desserts like gulab jamun (doughnuts in sugar syrup) and kheer (rice pudding).

Don't Hesitate To Take Multiple Helpings

Indians have always taken pride in offering wide selections of food for every meal, so you can expect multiple dishes at every buffest restaurants. This can be incredibly difficult to fit on a single plate, even if you take small portions of food—because of the sheer variety available to you. When it comes to mastering an Indian buffet, the trick is to take multiple helpings, so you don't end up overcrowding your plate. Multiple rounds are encouraged, so feel free to head to the buffet as many times as you desire.

Establish Your Meal Eating Plan

Start by covering your plate with the appetisers and condiments like pickles and chutneys. You can eat this separately before getting to the rice or you can add some rice, while placing the Indian bread on the side. This serves as the base for your meal. Indian food buffets typically always have small bowls available, so you can fill them with the curries, raita and desserts, depending on the quantities you desire. You can even cover the rice with different curries for more variety while you eat. The best way to enjoy Indian bread is to tear off pieces and scoop up vegetables and curries with them. Finish off by getting your desserts separately after your entire meal is complete.

These zesty tips will help you master the art of eating Indian food at a buffet restaurant.


24 May 2016

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