How to Make Your Restaurant the Best Corporate Functions Restaurant in Your Area


Corporate functions make for great business for your restaurant. These functions bring in people into your restaurant who may have otherwise never come, presenting an excellent marketing opportunity for you. Should these people be satisfied with your service, you could be adding to your list of regular clientele.

So how can you attract these corporate functions to your restaurant? Well, here are a few ideas that could be of help:

Make room for them

The first thing you need to ensure is that you have enough space for these events. Based on your target companies, you could have several meeting rooms of varying sizes able to accommodate different functions at the same time, or different events of the same function.

Along with permanent structures, you could also invest in having an outdoor space that you can transform into a large meeting hall. This could be quite popular for evening functions during the warmer seasons that involve a large number of people.

Along with rooms for the meetings, there should be enough parking spaces for the attendants of these functions. You can invest in creating a basement parking area in case you don't have enough space above ground. You also should ensure the security of their vehicles which you can do by having a valet or ticket parking system, along with security guards.

Location is key

Think about your target companies and find out where their offices are located within your state. Find a location that is accessible to most of these companies then set up your corporate functions restaurant there.

Make sure your restaurant is not too far from the general work commute of people working in these companies, that way, it won't be seen as an inconvenient location. In addition, it should be in a safe area where functions can go late into the night without fear of attendants being robbed on their way home.

The food must be fantastic

Regardless of the nature of a function, people often remember how good (or how bad) the food was. There can be no compromise on the quality of your cuisine, both in terms of flavour and presentation. You should also invest in having a variety of dishes from various parts of the world as some of these corporate functions may bring attendants from all over the globe, who would be pleasantly surprised to find some of their native dishes.

Have the proper equipment

Most of these functions will require screens, microphones, and projectors as a basic minimum. As a value-addition strategy, you can provide these as part of your corporate functions package so that the companies don't have to hire them from somewhere else. Only ensure that they are properly serviced and in proper working condition, and that you can get the latest models for better quality.

In addition, you could offer stages and lighting services along with specialized decor services for special corporate events. Consider partnering with bands, DJs and dance groups that could offer some entertainment for these functions if needed.


29 August 2016

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