Should Your Wedding Guests Be Served Home Style?


It may be hard for you to choose a food service style for your wedding guests if you don't have full information about each option available. This article discusses the pros and cons of the home food service style. Use this information to decide if this is the right food service style for your wedding reception.

What It Is

The home food service style involves availing a variety of dish options to guests who are seated at a table. The guests pass the plates around as each person picks what he or she would like to eat. The guests also control portion sizes that they would like to eat.

The Pros of the Home Style

It encourages guests to relax. A home-style meal brings back the warmth and closeness of having a meal with your family. This helps the guests to relax more as compared to guests who have to line up at a buffet table. Such service styles may make some guests feel uncomfortable about leaving their seats to get the food.

It gives guests freedom to choose what to eat. Home-style food service empowers your guests to decide what they should eat, and how much they should eat. This can allow your guests to have an additional helping of a dish that they have liked. Such freedom may not be possible in some service styles, such as plated service, where portions are determined in advance.

More interaction is possible between guests. The sitting arrangement during home-style wedding meals encourages guests to interact freely. This interaction begins as the guests pass round the plates as they serve themselves. The intimate sitting arrangement also makes it easy for the guests to interact because they are close to each other in a small group.

The Cons of Home Style Service

It can be challenging to plan the sitting arrangement. Wedding planners need to pay special attention to how guests are seated in order to avoid placing people who don't like each other at the same table.

It can create an unnecessary informal atmosphere. This style of meal service can detract from the formal air that you may have wanted to prevail at your wedding. This is because of the way the guests are divided into small groups.

As you can see, the home-style food service system has strengths and drawbacks. You may therefore need to talk to a wedding caterer so that he or she can help you to select the food service style that will address your needs.


6 September 2016

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