Effective Tips for Designing a Suitable Restaurant Menu


Every person who comes to your restaurant expects to get a variety of tasty delicacies. A restaurant menu is needed to help clients choose the dishes and drinks they want and lets people know how much they will pay. However, if the menu isn't well designed, it will be challenging for clients to choose a suitable dish depending on their budget.

As such, it's essential to create an outstanding menu that outlines the different local and exotic dishes and pricing appropriately. So, how can you accomplish this? Below are some tips to help you design the best restaurant menu.

Create a suitable layout

The menu layout happens to be a direct reflection of your business. For this reason, it's vital to pick a format that will match your restaurant's location, concept and theme. You can choose a casual, formal or playful design as long as it will resonate with your target client base. If your restaurant has a sports theme, then you will need to be less formal. A casual design and playful font will work wonders. Just make sure that the font isn't too small or difficult to read.

Use this same line of thinking to select the best colours for your restaurant menu. For instance, if you have opened an Italian restaurant that specialises in Tuscan cuisine, your menu card can have muted colours like sage green, yellow, or brick red. The fact that these colours match the Tuscan countryside means that they are less likely to be used in a Chinese or Mexican restaurant.

Don't use many photos

Although photos will help your clients see the kind of meals you are offering, it's essential to use them sparingly. Having lots of pictures on each menu page will cause disorder and confuse the diners.

So, it's better to use one or two photographs per page and ensure they are high-quality images. If you use low-quality photos, you might create a negative perception of your brand and food even if your restaurant offers the tastiest meals on the block.

Use descriptive text

The restaurant menu shouldn't just outline the list of the ingredients you use to make your restaurant's meals. You should use descriptive text so your clients can understand and make their choice easily. Use clear and straightforward descriptions to engage both your loyal and new customers. The language you use should be expressive to appeal to the clients' senses and stimulate their appetite.


14 December 2020

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