Why Should You Choose a Cafe Over a Bar for a First Date?


Got a date lined up, have we? Sounds exciting, but first dates are tricky things that need to be put together right. The most important decision is where you'll go, and most people come down to either a bar or a café.

Here are just a few reasons why cafes are a better option. 

You Can Hear Each Other

Sure, bars are a bit cooler and edgier than cafes. Problem is, the music is usually up so loud you can barely hear yourself, let alone your date. This can be frustrating enough when you know each other already, but loud music can make it downright impossible to break the ice on a first date. In contrast, cafes are much quieter, and you should be able to find a table to yourself instead of having to sit at the bar. Bottom line, it's much easier to have a conversation, and that's the foundation of a good first date.

The Pressure is Lower

Unless you're an uber-confident lothario, first dates are always going to carry a bit of pressure. That said, you can keep things (relatively) casual by choosing a café over a bar. When you head to a café, you don't need to get dressed up in your best evening gear or commit to an hour-long makeup routine. It's also a little easier to get out of a café date if you don't feel like it – mentioning other plans is more believable in the middle of the day - so you don't need to worry about getting trapped with a bad egg.

Alcohol Isn't Involved

Let's face it, alcohol and first dates only mix well when you're a match made in heaven – if that's the case, you could hit it off whether you go to a bar or a café. Unfortunately, most first dates don't benefit from alcohol. You might feel a touch more confident, but you'll also be more at risk of embarrassing yourself or simply failing to make a good impression. And, at the end of the day, it's much easier to get to know someone when you aren't both drunk.

It's a Great Segue

Another problem with meeting at a bar is that there isn't much you can do afterward. Bars open late, so the only thing you can really suggest is going back to your place or theirs, which most people find a bit forward for a first date. Café meets happen during the day. If you're really hitting it off, you can suggest doing something more interesting right after, even if it's only a walk in the park.


8 September 2018

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