Want To Know If You Will Like Korean Food? Here Are Three Things You Need To Know


Korean food is rising in popularity across the world and, noticeably, in Australia. Many Korean restaurants have popped up across the major cities, propelled by great cooking and quality ingredients. It is a very distinct cuisine to that of many of its close geographic neighbours, so do not assume that it will simply taste like Japanese or Chinese food. If you are curious what it will taste like and want a heads up, then simply look to the ingredients. Here are a few of the most common ingredients in Korean food.

Pickled Or Fermented Food

One of the core features of Korean food is that a lot of it is pickled or fermented. Originally, this was most likely a practical technique to keep food lasting longer, but over thousands of years, it has allowed Korean food to experiment with the taste and texture of pickled food like no one else. Kimchi is probably the most famous example of this trend that runs through Korean food, but there are dozens if not hundreds of variants on Kimchi alone. If you like the salty taste of pickled food and enjoy kimchi, then you will love Korean food. 

Spicy Food

Korean food has a lot of options for spice, but not in a similar vein to most western spicy food. In Korean food, you can visibly see the chilli and spices that go into making your food taste hot, which gives it a wonderful taste but also an interesting consistency. Spice isn't just restricted to one dish or subsection either; almost all of the meals in a Korean restaurant come with the option to make them hotter. However, if you can't tolerate spice or heat at all, then there are variants for you as well. Korean restaurants know that not everyone can tolerate the same heat, and they have adapted many recipes so that everyone can enjoy them. 

Small Servings

Korean food is often served in small portions and many side dishes will come before the main order which always arrives with healthy servings of rice or noodles. This gives you the option to pick and choose from a lot of different tasty dishes while not breaking your bank account. Entrees are a common feature in Korean food, and they can range from meat to a variety of different traditional salads and pickled vegetables. One thing is for sure, though — although there are many different small dishes, there is no way you will leave a Korean restaurant hungry. 

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14 December 2019

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