Love Authentic Chinese Cuisine? Don't Miss These Traditional Cantonese Dishes


If you enjoy Chinese food and want something a little more authentic than a chicken curry when you visit a Chinese restaurant, you should explore traditional Cantonese dishes. Cantonese cuisine originates from the Guangdong province and dishes are made with lots of fresh ingredients. The cooking style usually involves steaming or quickly stir-frying, and the flavours of the main ingredients in each dish take centre stage, as Cantonese dishes don't include lots of herbs or spices.

19 May 2016

Turning a Lazy Movie Night into a romantic date night


As the weather gets cooler the idea of dressing up and leaving the house to go on a proper date can seem like drag. However in order to keep the magic alive you might want to see what you can do to turn a night on the couch stream TV shows into a romantic date. Here are some ideas to take it up a notch.  Order some Chinese takeaway  Rather than just ordering a pizza and laying back on the couch, it can be cool to hit up the local Chinese restaurant (like Express Dragon) for takeaway and try some dishes that you don't usually try.

18 May 2016